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Innovation to procurement, Ideas to reality



Early in 2003 Ken Parsons and Glenn Binns formed K2B Ltd as an NPD and Procurement business combining their wide range of skills in the worldwide food processing industry.


Having previously worked with many of the larger Blue Chip companies from this sector the business soon gained momentum and were being asked to undertake a wide range of projects from sourcing bespoke processing equipment, natural ingredients, providing sales representation and wide ranging NPD/development work.

Gavin Bowie joined the Company as Director and Shareholder very soon after to manage the third party contract sales operation which was and continues to be very popular with our clients.


The development of the K2B Ingredients division was enhanced when Hax Ltd joined K2B Ltd as a joint venture bringing over 50 years of trading history and first class reputation with it. At this point Neil Terry joined K2B Ltd and Hax Ltd has now been fully incorporated into K2B Ltd during 2014.

So, who are K2B?


Glenn Binns - Logistics, Manufacturing and Finance
Glenn is a former Operations and Logistics Director having worked in small, medium and large Blue Chip companies subsidiaries for over 30 years. Skilled in his ability to communicate at all levels to bring projects to fruition within set budgets.


Neil Terry - Ingredients Sales & Marketing, Purchasing & Logistics
Neil has 20 years experience obtained in the Food Ingredients category and has obtained a hands on reputation with all clients which is received very favourably. By being involved in the Procurement, Sales and Distribution the Supply Chain is seamless and effective, an essential feature in todays fast moving environment.


The rest of the K2B team   
Well, they are too shy and modest to appear here but you will get to know them! They are just as important to us as those appearing on this website and to all of our clients also.