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Flaxseed contains:-


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Fat and Gum Replacement with Flaxseed


Drink and Milled Flaxseed




Flax is a blue flowering crop grown in Canada for its oil-rich seeds. A pleasant nutty flavour rich in Omega-3 (20% by weight) and Omega 6 and 9 (7% each by weight). All natural, GMO free, Gluten free and high in dietary fibre and low G.I.


With abundant and balanced levels of essential fatty acids, flaxseed is acclaimed in history for its ability to prevent and combat many conditions. This tiny wonder food, also known as linseed, can lift depression, aid concentration, increase energy levels and smooth hormonal changes.


Today, the amazing health-giving virtues of flaxseed are recognized throughout the world. Whatever your age or sex, flaxseed could make you feel happier and help you to think more clearly. This super seed contains nutrients that are vital to brain functioning but often lacking in people's everyday diets.


Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 essential fatty acid renowned for its benefits to both mind and body. One of the ways in which omega-3s help to keep the brain and nervous working smoothly is by allowing cells to function and communicate with each other properly. This can prevent many disorders that we think of as psychological.


It also increases mental alertness and boosts memory. Our ability to use omega-3's is reduced by saturated and hydrogenated fats, which compete for the same receptors in our bodies. So cut down on these fats and eat foods rich in vitamins B3, B6 and C, plus zinc and magnesium, which help the body absorb ALA.


High in omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFA's) , flaxseed is involved in the systematic energy production, oxygen transfer and transportation of fats, and may therefore help to maintain the body's tissue cells, reproductive organs, glands muscles and eyes.


Flaxseed is used to treat everything from malnutrition and skin disease to arthritis, PMS and fertility problems. For women aged over 35, it can also alleviate stressful pre-menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, insomnia and mood swings, as it is rich in compounds called lignans, which the body converts into substances that smooth out fluctuating hormone levels. Lignans are special compounds that are converted by friendly bacteria in the gut in phytoestrogens called enterolactone and enterodiol.These health-giving compounds have also been found to offer protection against breast cancer.
(Flaxseed oil, while rich in omega -3's, does not contain lignans and loses much of its value if used in cooking.)


Essential fatty acids are also needed to make prostaglandins, hormone-like substances responsible for stamina, circulation and metabolism. These are anti-inflammatory, and may benefit conditions such as asthma and arthritis. They also promote heart health by reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and plaque formation in the artery walls.Not only this, prostaglandins encourage weight loss by removing excess fluid from the tissues and boosting metabolism, thereby helping to burn calories.


Flaxseed is expectorant and dissolving by nature and may help to treat conditions such as coughs and bronchitis, as well as other respiratory ailments. The seeds also have a mild purgative action and can be capable of tonifying the bowel, easing constipation. Another great feature of flaxseed is mucilage, a type of soluble fibre that lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood-sugar levels and alleviates constipation. Flaxseed's laxative effect is gentle, helping to keep intestinal contents moving smoothly along.


The benefits of flaxseed do not stop there. Its Vitamin E content helps to keep skin looking youthful and the hair glossy. Flaxseed contains antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Its zinc and selenium, two powerful antioxidant minerals, boost the immune system to protect against infections, while its iron and copper help in the production of haemoglobin, needed to keep red blood cells healthy. Copper aids wound healing and the formation of collagen in the skin. In addition, the seeds provide calcium and magnesium, which together support strong, healthy bones, while magnesium also helps to ward off muscle cramps and release energy.


Pack size 25Kg.  24 Months ambient shelf life from production.

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