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Advanced Ingredients manufacture, patented functional, ingredients from fruits, vegetables and grains. Our humectants, binders and sweeteners are ideal for health and wellness positioned products. They offer superior functionality with the assurance that comes with all natural, clean label products. Our products are supplied, Kosher, Allergen Free, Non-GMO and certified Gluten-Free by the GFCO.             


MoisturLok is a carbohydrate based ingredient from a proprietary ratio of concentrated grape juices and rice starch. The combination of mono and disaccharides from fruit juice with select medium-chain bonds from rice creates a very effective sweet tasting ingredient with natural humectancy and low water activity.


MoisturLok keeps food moist and fresh tasting longer. It has been proven to extend the shelf life of baked goods and other food products by as much as three times. As a result of this extended shelf life the product has reduced the cost of stale product/spoils from some manufacturers by as much as 80%. Through unprecedented moisture control, MoisturLok consistently improves the overall flavour of food, enhances its texture/softness and very often makes food taste richer than before.


The applications for MoisturLok are varied and diverse. It can be used in many applications to improve eating quality, shelf life and moisture control. For example condiments and sauces, confectionery, bakery, nutritional bars, meats and cosmetics.

Product – Storage is ambient

MoisturLok Liquid 36 x 25kg per pallet. 15 months best before, from date of production date

MoisturLok Powder 20.41 x 44 per pallet. 12 months best before from date production date


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