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Natural Juice Concentrate

The proximity of our Moleva and Cítricos de Murcia production units to the crops ensure that we process the fruit at its optimum ripeness, maximising its organoleptic properties, which are transferred to the juice. Our knowledge of fruit is comprehensive, as it covers its composition, processing and possible applications. We study and enhance the nutritional and functional characteristics of fruit, we develop analytical methodologies to measure these and we make optimal use of its properties.


Moleva and Cítricos de Murcia are equipped with the latest technological capabilities, with modern processing, concentration and packaging facilities, employing advanced techniques of ultra-filtration and by-product usage.

Our modern sprayers permit us to supply powdered juice concentrate at a very competitive cost.

We are characterised by our speed of service, delivery reliability, flexibility and our ability to create exclusive blends and custom juices.

Numerous options are available: fresh or concentrated juices, clarified or cloudy juices, juices with or without pulp, with or without SO2.

Our versatility in aseptic packaging encompasses both the type of packaging and the batch size. We also have ample, renovated cold and frozen storage that consistently meets strict criteria for energy efficiency.


Fruit Range Origin Juice NFC Puree Packaging
Apple Spain / Chinese  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Blueberry Spain  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Fig        X 23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Grape    X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Lemon Spain  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Lime    X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Orange Brazilian / Spain  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Passion Fruit    X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Pear (Quince on Request)    X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Pineapple Thailand  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Pomegranate Spain  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg
Strawberry Spain  X     23kg, 230kg, 1150kg


Spanish variety - 200kg drums