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What are Flavourings?

These are the substances that lend aroma and flavour to a food or beverage, giving it its fundamental characteristics. Aroma and flavour are combined with colour, appearance, texture and the sensitivity of each individual to determine a product’s final acceptance by the consumer. There are a variety of options to obtain the ideal flavour for each application, depending on its technological requirements:

  • Liquid Flavourings
  • Powder Flavourings
  • Savoury Flavourings

Who is Dallant?

A deep knowledge of the flavour components of fruit, plants and other natural substances is the starting point for creating the best flavourings. Every flavour note is generally a mixture of several substances or flavour components. Extensive experience is needed to identify each component and to understand how to combine it appropriately in order to reproduce the sensations that we find in nature. The sensitivity and creativity of our team of experts are as vital as our analytical development and our use of the most innovative techniques and processes. Flavourings evolve over time and are sensitive to factors such as light, temperature and humidity, so when formulating, it is necessary to predict their behaviour in order to ensure their stability. It is important to get to know each application in order to provide the best flavouring solution for each food and beverage.


The demand for Natural products are becoming increasingly important, leading to an emphasis on the development of natural flavourings that, in addition to their sensory advantages, allow for clean labelling of the finished product.


In the food industry, flavourings are used primarily to enhance or restore the flavour of the food, itself, and to mitigate an undesired flavour, making it more pleasant, always with the ultimate goal of providing an unforgettable consumer experience with regard to taste and aroma. At K2B, we deliver unique flavourings and ingredients of the highest quality to leading food and beverage companies. Innovation and creativity are combined with our extensive scientific know-how and the latest technology to achieve success in every project. Our highly specialised technical research and application teams are fully involved in the development of each new product, creating new and delicious flavours that allow consumers to enjoy a great sensory experience. In keeping with the latest consumer trends, we design and develop specific solutions for both mature and emerging markets. Our experience, coupled with sensitivity to a variety of culinary traditions and cultures, is reflected in a unique portfolio of flavourings and custom products.


Extract - Applications

  • Alcoholic Beverages such as liquor, flavoured wines, etc.
  • Functional Beverages
  • Dietary and Pharmaceutical Products

Nature is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that impels our research and application teams. Every flower, fruit, leaf, bark or root hides a world of sensations and properties, both organoleptic and functional. Since time immemorial, plant components have been used traditionally. At K2B, this tradition is combined with cutting-edge science to get the most out of what nature has to offer. These extracts and infusions of identified plant species are generally obtained through hydro-alcoholic extraction, while the increased demand for these types of ingredients in Islamic countries has fuelled the development of new extraction techniques, using new solvents.

They usually contain colour, so it is essential to control transparency when using them, as they form a precipitate that must be removed through filtration. The extracts and infusions of K2B are renowned for their high quality and standardisation, which ensures their maximum performance in the food or beverage and enhances their organoleptic characteristics.


Distillates - Applications

Alcoholic beverages such as liqueur, flavoured wines, etc.

Many plant species (herbs, flowers, spices or fruit) undergo a delicate distillation process, usually with alcohol (ethanol), getting fractions rich in the most volatile parts, which are the most characteristic aromatic components.

Production is based on very mild processes, whose origin is virtually hand-crafted, requiring a critical know-how and expertise that guarantee the organoleptic characteristics and uniformity in each batch, thus facilitating an explosion of smell and taste when consuming the finished product.
Due to their high alcohol content (usually 50%-80%), these are specially suitable for:

  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Vermouths & Aromatised Wines

They usually require high dosage when applied


Essentital Oil - Applications

  • Sweet foods, baked goods and confectionery
  • Alcoholic BeveragesDietary and pharmaceutical products

These are complex mixtures of volatile substances, which are obtained through the hydro-distillation, steam distillation, pressing or supercritical fluid extraction of various plant components (seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, etc)

The proportions of the substances depends on the nature of the plant and its growing and harvesting conditions (soil type, climate, cultivation, etc.). The most characteristic components are terpenes, oxygenated terpene substances and aromatic compounds (benzene derivatives).

To fully exploit its potential, fundamental knowledge of each and every individual botanical species is necessary, which is why K2B works closely with our suppliers, setting the highest standards of quality. They are highly insoluble in water, which limits their direct application. For use in beverages, ice cream and other foods, it is necessary to transform them properly, producing a variety of flavours that lend their principal olfactory and taste characteristics. K2B specialises in essential citrus oils, especially lemon and orange, relying on the extensive experience and strong human and technical capabilities of our factories.