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Freeze Dried Fruit


Produced from 100% pure IQF or fresh products all free from colourings and preservatives.

Freeze drying removes moisture from food through sublimation, which turns water molecules into vapour. Freeze drying food, affects its texture more than other preservation methods, like canning or freezing, but the nutritional value and flavour stay intact.

Moisture of Freeze dried product is <4%.
No irradiation and UV ionization with guaranteed GMO free material

The Lyovit factory is ISO 22000 accredited in Poland and Kosher Certified

Organic quality (PTR Ekogwarancja, CERES), is available on request

Store in dry area (Relative Humidity 75%, temp 20 deg.C) in unopened original packaging and has 12 months shelf life.

Packed in polyethylene bag and carton, marked with self-adhesive label, 12 cartons of herbs on a pallet, 16 cartons of fruits on a pallet.


To understand more about Lyovit freeze drying, click the link.


You can view our product range of Freeze Dried Fruit here.

Blackberry Crumble 0-6mm + Raspberry Crumble 0-6mm - 50% Ratio
Raspberry Whole + Strawberry sliced + Blueberry Whole - 33 % Ratio
Blackberry Whole + Blueberry Whole + Cranberry Sliced + Sliced Strawberry - 25 % Ratio
Any blend is possible MOQ for this is 1 pallet of 16 boxes - Lead time is 8-10 weeks