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Sun Dried Tomato PRODUCTS

We specialise in Sun Dried Tomato products and also supply Semi Dried Tomato

Our flexible production facility can deal with orders from 50 to 10,000 kg

Most of our products are freshly made to order and come in a typical pack size of 10 or 15kg
Processed in the UK by BRC company with Kosher status approved      


Medium Diced
Fine Diced
Granulation: Coarse or Fine
Oils: Sunflower, Rapeseed, Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Content: As required, typically 10 - 40%

Sun soaked Marinated
Cut Size: Medium or Fine
Oils: Sunflower , Rapeseed, Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Content: As required, typically 5 - 20%

Some recipe ideas could include:
Sun soaked Tomatoes with garlic, capers and oregano
Sun soaked Tomatoes with 10% Extra virgin olive oil
Sun soaked Tomatoes with basil, olives and onion


High moisture is ideal for use in breads and other savoury bakery lines



The URC® process creates the most functionally advanced ingredients in the global market.         
The rapid processing minimises ingredient degradation, creates unique water activity control and provides a versatile product development platform for commercial manufacturers of snack food products.         

Controlled water activity                                
Water activity is critical to the stability of most dry food products. This not only controls microbial spoilage, but also chemical and physical stability for a long shelf life.                    
Water is structurally bound in URC® products for accurate and reliable moisture control.         
Taura can accurately match water activity to your product requirements.                

Bake stability                                    
Baked goods require controlled brix and water activity levels to achieve bake-stability. URC® fruit pieces and pastes feature a pectin gel structure that won't burn our boil-out during baking. Texture remains soft and non-sticky.        

Fresh flavour, colour & aroma                            
The rapid concentration process retains original sensory characteristics of the fruit ingredients with no caramelisation of fruit sugars.    

Product versatility                                    
URC® products can be adapted to suit any flavour, colour and texture and ingredient profile, including flavour blends and fortification.                                    
The range of piece, flake and paste formats provides manufacturers with a range of development options.   


Unique features of URC® fruit pieces:

High fruit content    
Bake stable
Low water activity    
Fresh flavour, colour and aroma    
Remains soft in dry applications
Won't burn during baking    
Long shelf life >18 months
Free flow format        
Variable dice size
Even product distribution in finished goods
No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Std Range

Mixed Fruit

Bespoke flavours available

MOQ is 3000kg per batch production