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Sugar Alternatives


Advanced Ingredients manufacture, patented functional, ingredients from fruits, vegetables and grains.

Our humectants, binders and sweeteners are ideal for health and wellness positioned products.       
They offer superior functionality with the assurance that comes with all natural, clean label products.   
Our products are supplied, Kosher, Allergen Free, Non-GMO and certified Gluten-Free by the GFCO.


EnergySmart is a carbohydrate based ingredient from a proprietary ratio of concentrated grape juice and rice starch.

It can be used in the place of refined sugars in a wide variety of food. EnergySmart is available in liquid off the shelf from UK store and granular forms are supply to order. It is a very effective, sweet tasting ingredient with natural humectancy and low-water activity. 


In addition to superior binding and humectant properties, EnergySmart provides "sustainable energy" attributable to the proprietary ratio of slowly digestible carbohydrates. EnergySmart is used extensively in protein bars, energy bars, sports gels and diabetic friendly formulations. EnergySmart has shown in studies to provide an initial burst of energy followed by a longer lasting span of energy that doesn't result in  the "sugar crash" associated with sucrose and other carbohydrate sources.


EnergySmart Liquid 36 x 25kg per pallet.  18 months best before, from date of production date  


Ambient stable product