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See below for the 5 main selling points:


1.   Low Sugar claim as <5g / 100g of Sugar in Powder and No Sugar for Liquid as <0.5g / 100g of sugar

2.    FiberSmart™  provides ≥89% fiber that can be added as a syrup, or powdered addition. Validated by AOAC.2009.01 method

3.    FiberSmart™  has a water activity aw of <0.865 which is both lower than other soluble fiber options on the market, and more consistent that competitors’ soluble fiber offerings.

4.    FiberSmart™ is a clean-label high-concentration fiber.

5.    FiberSmart™  can be tolerated at higher usage levels without gastric distress. (60g / day).     


Tapioca Liquid Data Sheet


 The FiberSmart is Soluble Tapioca Liquid (Prebiotic Fiber)