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Vacuum Dried Fruit & Vegetables

What is dehydration at low temperature? Low temperature dehydration allows the evaporation of nearly all the water contained inside the fruit: 1kg of dehydrated fruit is equivalent to 7 to 12 kgs of fresh fruits. No added colours, flavour or preservatives, our fruits are really natural, functional and healthy ingredients. The original flavour of the fruit is kept.

Transformation :

Fruitofood is able to crush, grind, sieve or compact fruit to meet your needs and we offer a large range of dehydrated products: powders, granules or pieces suited to many applications. (tea, chocolate, biscuits, etc ...) We can supply as 100% fruit or blend with GM Free maltodextrin 80% or 50%

Supply :

Minimum order quantity is 20kg with lead time 4-6 weeks subject to stock

Applications :

Tea, chocolate, biscuits, sauces, dried mixes (seasoning mixes and marinades).

Click here to download the 'K2B Vac Dried range' PDF document