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Technical Support


We at K2B Ltd are not a normal agent, distribution, selling partner or whatever the new word is for a “Food ingredient sales company”.


We strive to build long term relationships between our suppliers and our clients to find mutual benefits at all times so your success is our success.

The technical backup is one of our best assets as the food industry has had too many problems in the past with people cutting corners.

We pride ourselves on a deep knowledge of our supplier’s product and premises.

We select our new suppliers using a risk assessment system of supplier approval questionnaires, third party accreditations, and site audits while always monitoring current suppliers at all times to the same system.

Documents are kept up to date by our technical co-ordinator (who has worked in the food industry in excess of 20 years covering a full range of manufactures) who keeps up to date using the below UK and European legislations.

The key acts which we follow and respect at all times are

  • Food Safety Act
  • Weights & Measures Act
  • Trade Descriptions Act
  • Consumer Protection Act

Our SAQ and own format specifications should satisfy most clients but there is always a new question to be asked by our clients so we are always striving to improve and update these documents.

Food safety and technical backup is assured from us at K2B Ltd at all times.